Water Days

International professional event – Water Days

Production and distribution of drinking water, along with the sector for waste water collection and treatment,  represent the most important segments of municipal services provision. The need for a permanent capacity increase in providing services is in direct connection with the implementation of modern technological solutions and technical knowledge. Bearing in mind the fact that the Association for protection and preservation of water in the south of Serbia deals with problems of water supply and waste water treatment, in the area that covers about a million inhabitants, it is necessary to emphasize that improving these services is also based on sustainable regional development.

In the region from Belgrade to Sofia, there has not been a chance until last year, for interested professionals to meet, in a professional and organized way, with the new technological achievements and their application in the utility services sector.  The event will be divided into two parts.

The first part of the International Fair of water supply and sewage equipment, which is an opportunity to present the companies that operate in the field of manufacture of equipment for the water supply, channeling, purification, protection against flooding and erosion, the manufacturers of the devices, appliances and instruments for quality control of water and wastewater. The comparative advantages offered by this fair event represents an opportunity to improve the business, accomplishment of good commercial results, but can be significant and as a communication link between business entities, institutions and individuals.

The second part of the International Conference on the theme “energy efficiency in the water sector “CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND WASTE WATER”, circular system of the resources usage that represents future for the Republic of Serbia, and in defining the topic representatives of governmental and nongovernmental sector, research and educational institutions, and industry will take participation.