Medivest KT has twenty-six years of experience in the printing and publishing industry. With its capacity with which customers can get products and services of superior quality. Good organization and correct operation of the company’s name erected on a high degree of respect. During the span from graphic as basic activities originated and other activities. First, marketing for the purposes of various events, then co-organization and today very successful event and trade show organization type.

Organization of trade fairs:

St. Sava book fair, children’s new year’s town, Easter fair flowers and garden equipment, Prolečna exhibition of books in the Park Saint Sava, Autumn book exhibition, book fair, book fair in Knjazevac tells Setimes in Aleksinac.

Suorganizacija trade shows:

Agriculture exhibition fair, handicraft and souvenir shop, a major exhibition of souvenirs devoted to 1700 years. The edicts, NIS, book fair, fair of tattoo, Fair constructions, the book fair at King’s in the open, the book fair in Portland in open, Fair ironed sausage in Pirot, Forum of advanced technology, Job Fair, the doctrine is not a bogey, Nišville, fair of wine and chocolates, wine Fair, Fair, fair of hunting and fishing, Flower Fair, Fair employment, professional orientation, Fair, book fair’s dress Fairy River, children’s Median Fest Researchers ‘ night, night Palilulsko, Gastronomic wonders, Dani Burek, Auto Moto Fest, new year’s Eve fair.



The Association for the protection and conservation of water in southern Serbia is voluntary, nongovernmental, Professional Association of 25 water supply in the South of Serbia, established for an indefinite period of time in order to achieve the objectives in the areas of supply and distribution of drinking water, and wastewater treatment, ecology, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources in the South of Serbia. WASS was formed to facilitate the implementation of the following legislation and in their actions, but also actively participated in making decisions on the local, as well as on a regional and national level, guided by the EU regulations.

His long-term goals the Association will receive the combined konkurisanjem for EU funds and funds for the construction of necessary infrastructure, RS, to long-term goals were achievable. WASS was founded in doing advocacy and representation of common interests of the Member States, strengthening capacity, stimulate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and information, promotion of innovative technical solutions, facilitating access to financial resources (national and international), kreairanja and development of joint programmes and projects.

The objectives of the Association are: the engagement of all public utilities (in the areas of water supply, wastewater treatment, and related activities), higher education institutions and other educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, economic entities and other interested professional public with a view to joint activities and by improving conservation and protection of water resources and the environment in the South of Serbia.