Thursday – 08.06.2017. – from 10:00 to 18:00

Friday – 09.06.2017. – from 10:00 to 18:00

The entrance is free.



Honor and it is our pleasure to invite you to the INTERNATIONAL FAIR for WATER SUPPLY and sewage EQUIPMENT to be held 08 and 09 of June 2017 years in Nis in Čair Hall SC.

Exhibitors will be allowed in the city of NIS to the contemporary fair standards present new technologies and technical solutions, but and apply knowledge in the areas of water supply, wastewater and other related areas. An area of about 1600 m2 in Hall’s chair the SC will present nearly 50 renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers of plumbing and sewage equipment. In addition to this, eksterijerni is provided and adequate space in front of the Hall for the presentation of other SC Chair supporting segments such as: construction machinery, special vehicles, dedicated vehicles, multifunctional vehicle, etc.

FAIR WATER and SEWER EQUIPMENT is an integral part of the International Professional event DAYS WATER – NIS 2017, during which he held and International Conference “energy efficiency in the water sector”, in which the expected participation of more than 100 participants from home and abroad, who will present and exchange knowledge and experience in these areas.

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